Structural Engineers – the Intellection of Structural Designing

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Type Year
Exhibition 2019
Client Language
Warehouse TERRADA Japanese / English

Video for the Exhibition: Structural Engineers - the Intellection of Structural Designing.

This exhibition puts its focus on modern and contemporary Japanese architecture with the spotlight on the history and current states of structural engineers. The footage features edited interviews of a total of 25 structural engineers; including leading engineers such as Mutsuro Sasaki and un Sato, to young, up-and-coming engineers. During the exhibition, a total of 60 minutes of footage was shown divided into 3 major parts.

建築倉庫ミュージアムで開催された展示「構造展  -構造家のデザインと思考-」にて展示映像・PR映像・オフィシャルphotoなど担当しました。

会場:建築倉庫ミュージアム 展示室A



展示映像:約63分(3種類、英・日)、 PR映像、オフィシャル記録写真

Movie for Exhibition : total 63min (3 chapters, English Subtitle)、PR movie、Official photos

Jul.-Oct. , 2019

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